Friday, May 15, 2009

Pretty Flowers.

The Clematis have bloomed!!!!
Tom has a Clematis obsession, last year we bought three from a local garden centre and he has been out there nursing them since then! They were bargain basement clematis, so we didn't have any idea what we would get colour wise, all we knew was that they were large flowered.

So we have one pink stripy one.

One purple one with a very interesting double purple middle.
The third one is yet to flower.

These little flowers have appeared on the other side of the garden . They are cute, I like the trellis fence in the background.
All week I have been keeping an eye on our pigeons, they had a neat little nest made of twigs in our fir tree just outside the back door, they seemed quite settled and secluded. This morning I went out to check on them and they were gone, the remains of a couple of eggs were on the ground. It wasn't because they had hatched as the eggs still had yokes. I suspect the Magpies had been back and chased the pigeons away and plundered the nest. Nature is horrible at times.
Earlier in the week Beth took part in a drama festival at The Barn, They 'did' Ernie and his incredible Illucinations. Beth was Ernie and had a fair few lines to learn. She was very nervous but it went off very well and they gave a very good performance.
Beth has also been doing exams at school which have been interesting, so different from last years SATS. I think they have not been as easy as she was hoping for, just have to wait for the results. On a positive note she has been selected for a place on Watford Football Clubs Playing for Success Course at Watford Football Club (strange that!!!) She is one of 12 selected out of 180 children, based on good behaviour and enthusiasm. Its once a week for 6 weeks from 3pm until 7pm, with a Dominos Pizza thrown in! They have a state of the art computer suite that they will be using and they get to meet the players and play football!!! Take a look at it here.
So the weekend is here and I have the prospect of a great morning tomorrow filling in tax forms and University forms, my kitchen table is covered with them, I really can't wait!!!


Raymonde said...

Prepare for patience with the forms! xxx
Love the clematis.

Manna said...

Gorgeous photos!