Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy Birthday Week

In my family the birthdays seem to all cluster around the same few months. May/June and October/November. The advantage is that if you have a birthday in those few months that I am more likely to remember it as I really make the effort because I know there are so many of them. On the down side it gets expensive!

So this week I have three and next week another two. I have started on the card making and have made a lovely subtle card for Madeline (I know she doesn't read this as she is a technophobe!!) I really have to make sure that she remembers that she is about to reach the big
FIVE OH a whole 9 months ahead of me!! All I need to do now is find an appropriate or should that be an inappropriate present for her. I know she love shabby chic so I spent ages last night looking up web sites and only managed to send my brain into melt down!!!
Today I have a case at work which is going to be unpleasant I have done all my home work and will just have to hope that I can sling enough mud to make some of it stick, fingers crossed.
Have a nice day out there in blogdom!!


LuLu said...

Love the card and your subtle message!

Hope work went OK and you're not too bruised from all the mud slinging!


Louise Forsyth said...

Hope the case went ok and wasn't too heavy!
Love the card, totally unobvious and incredibly subtle.