Saturday, May 30, 2009

All about Crabbing!!

I have been told that I have become a crabbing 'bore' Well you know how it is you go on holiday and something catches your imagination, this time it was CRABS!!! (I think it could have been worse!) So on this holiday the kids had a couple of crabbing trips, the first on the docks at Gorleston. Emma had been out and checked out a few places the night before and thought this would be a good spot. It was except when she checked it out the tide was in and the water was only a few feet below. By the time we got there the tide was out and the water was a good 18 feet below were we were, that plus a high wide wall made it difficult to see what was on the end of the line.
Beth had the biggest haul, 6 crabs in one hit, she even managed to land 4 of them after the mammoth distance she had to drag them out of the water!!

Beth and Emma hoping for a nibble on their bacon.

Game on..... Beth, Emma and Chelsea all hauling in their lines.

There were three little ones on this piece of bait.

Say Cheese!!

Emma is the crabbing expert, she was able to teach the girls how to stop them from running away and how to pick them up safely. Although they were both a bit wary to start with they soon got stuck in. Chelsea had the biggest, a one clawed green crab that was around 5 inches wide across the body. We threw them all back in to fight another day.

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preTzel said...

That looks like fun. There is no place to crab around this land - locked state. *pout*