Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two Posts in a Day, whatever next?

I am really liking my new iphone, I had toyed with the idea for a while I kept talking myself out of it, but its really quite good. I like being able to use a qwerty keyboard, it has made my texting a whole lot better. I like the contacts bit, although in getting that sorted out I managed to delete all my previous contacts, so if you are a friend please text me and sign it with your name, that way I can get you back in my little black book!! (I have managed a few of you via Facebook)

Well the past few days have been busy both at work and at home. Way back in February as a bit of an impulse, we were passing DFS in Sunderland (just 250 miles away!!) when we decided to look at the sofas. (Ours was on the way out and I was sick of the recliners jamming and the cushions sagging) So the plan was to look and see if there was anything we fancied, well we did see something we fancied and the salesman was good and managed to get us to part with our cash. This new suite of two sofas and a footstool arrived yesterday. The two guys delivering couldn't get it through the front door, even though it was smaller and considerably lighter than the last one. They couldn't get it in either the front or back door, in the end they had to take the double glazed window out of the living room and lift them through the gap. (I had to prune my rose to allow them to get in!) Anyway we are very pleased with the sofas, they are comfy and actually smell of leather. I hope they last longer than the previous set!!

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