Sunday, May 03, 2009

May Bank Holiday Weekend

For once for a bank Holiday weekend the weather has been quite reasonable, which is a bit of a shock and surprise really!!
We collected dad from hospital 2pm yesterday. He was in pain from the op, mainly the trapped gas that they had pumped into him to enable them to do the operation! The gas will take sometime to be reabsorbed so his tummy is very swollen. We had fun getting everyone into the car. Dad was having trouble bending and mum could only sit in the rear on the passenger side!! Anyway we got him home. Dad went to bed and had a rest. This morning he is much better and more mobile.
Yesterday Megan came around for a sleepover, the girls have been really good, they watched TV last night and then had a film to watch in Beth's bedroom. They did a load of time on the trampoline with Phoebe from next door. This morning they were out there again in their PJ's, this time we attached notes to a couple of mums Golden Wedding balloons. Its quite windy so they got on the trampoline and waited for a big gust of wind to take the balloons to the other side of the world. Unfortunately When they were released they were swept upwards and then immediately down again into our next door neighbours garden, where they remain stuck on the washing line!!! They will get a surprise when they get back !!

Ready, Steady......


And they are off......... Soon to be back!


Jen said...

Hope both Mum and Dad make swift recoveries :) I had to LOL at the balloons landing next door - how funny. Hope you are well. Speak soon.

Almost Normal said...

Wheeee go the loonies.... XD

Anonymous said...

Hello--came here from Travis' blog. Such lovely pictures. Puddinstone loots very interesting. We have a park here (US) called Puddingstone. And many courthouses here are made of Texas granite, which is pink!

Glad the girls enjoy the tramp so much, very good exercise. Lucky the balloons didn't go too far--those mylar balloons play havoc with electric transmission lines when they come in contact.

Best wishes for everyone to get well soon!