Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Another course???

Last Sunday I went on another course with Debbie, who in her own words is a professional course goer!! This time we went on a ceramic button making class. We had a very nice day from 10am to 5pm we made and decorated a variety of things, buttons, plaques, letters all sorts. Its a very absorbing past time. In the afternoon we decorated the mornings work and they will be fired during the week ready for collection on Saturday. I am sure that this will be something else to get into as you could do the shape making while chatting and drinking wine, although the wine may effect the quality of those products!!!Can't wait until Saturday to collect the results.

Mum seems to be doing very well and we are pleased that she is back at home. She has been getting around and is looking forward to actually getting out in the car for a look at the beautiful crocus and daffodils on The Campus roundabout. She has that trip in plan for Friday if she is able to get in the car!!

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Raymonde said...

I like it a lot. I might come to you for buttons for my knitting. Good news about your Mum. Love. xxx