Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here We Go Again....

You know how it is, just when you think that things are getting back on track and you can relax and have a few evenings to yourself again, bang it all goes wrong . On Thursday evening I got called around to Mum and Dads as Mum was having bad pain in her leg and couldn't walk on it. We eventually had to call and ambo and mum went to A and E at the QE2. I stayed with her all evening until around 1am, she was waiting for an X ray but at that stage they suspected that something had gone wrong with the repair.

Eventually she was Xrayed and the repair had shifted and needs to be done again, so she is back to square one, she is now waiting for the warfarine levels to reduce so they can operate safely. It is likely to be Monday before that happens. Its such a shame that we are starting over again.

I was not very impressed at the way she was walking her left foot instead of pointing forward was splayed out at a right angle so I am sure that must have been putting a huge amount of pressure on her injury, he leg was twisted and to be honest its no surprise that she has done further damage, I am not sure why they didn't try and correct the twist, Mum has tried to tell me that they were happy with her posture, I just can't believe that.

This week has been a tough one so I am going to chill out and make a few beads!!

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Maureen said...

Hope things are better....