Saturday, March 05, 2011

Good News!!!!

Finally yesterday Mum was released from captivity, she arrived home during the day by ambulance. We called around last night to see them and she was sat in her chair TV on and waiting for the first carer to arrive. She came home with a huge bag of drugs which Dad and I had to sort into the correct boxes so that she knows what to take when.
Mum had her hair done during the week so she looked just like her usual self sitting in her chair . There is now more equipment around house, a commode, a white step thing and a new table she can use from the chair. The carer arrived while I was there and made arrangements for times that Mum would need help. They arrived on time last night to get her into bed, but this morning they were two hours late to get her washed and dressed. Knowing what we do about caring and the services provided this will be exactly what will happen. Second call in and already running late!!!
This week we have finally booked our summer holiday, Hurrah!!! After a lot of deliberation we have decided to go back to Holland. We are returning to Duinrell. As a holiday location it is perfect, there is a theme park for the kids, featuring scary rides and tame rides. There is a big water park with flumes and water rides and all of it is free if you stay at the neighbouring park. To sum it up I'll use Beth's words - Its the best holiday that's not Disney!!! So I feel much better now that its booked .
Finally a couple of shots from last weekend in Ypres, they have lovely chocolate, lovely cakes and I am dribbling looking at them!!!
Look at those lovely lovely cakes .

         This was the best chocolate shop !!!

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Raymonde said...

I want to go back to Duinrell! Glad you have something exciting to look forward to.

Your mum is home that's good news and the carer will have to get in gear with you.

Much love. xxx