Monday, March 28, 2011

On A Roll

Yesterday was another beautiful day, not so warm but sunny and a little sun just seems to lift your spirits. A little sun also helps dry the washing and again this weekend I have have had loads and loads of that as well!!
I have been busy bead making, its fast becoming an addition, I make one bead and then think, I'll just do one more and before you know it you have been there for a few hours!! Yesterday I found a lovely black glass which melted like a dream and behaved beautifully on the mandrel. This glass made bead making easy. I am now the proud owner of a dozen multi coloured beads.
Laura came over for lunch and she asked me to make her a pendant, so I am pleased to show you her pendant made with my own hand crafted beads!! Basic but its a start.

1 comment:

Raymonde said...

Love love love the beads, especially the pink ones. I am so glad you are enjoying doing those and making the jewellery.

Take care. Love. xxx