Sunday, March 27, 2011

Been Creating!!

Yesterday started off on a downer, I had planned on going to London for the March, but got up with a pounding head and feeling quite sick. I didn't feel up to getting the train and such likes so decided to watch it all from home. I dosed myself up and waited for it all to go away. The night before Carl had been rough, high temperature and shivering and then boiling hot. By the afternoon I was feeling a lot better although still not right. Poor Tom had to do the shopping and I didn't feel like cooking so in the evening they all had a Chinese and I didn't feel like it (I know unheard of!!) Today I feel much better. I just have to get myself organised to do the lunch, roast pork, Mmmmmm!!!!

I bought some new glass during the week and I tried it out and managed to make some beads that go together nicely as a set. I have some plain white beads that I can add and I plan to make them into 'something' later on!!!

Carl has a few things planned to publicise his sponsored climb, he has a mail shot going out to all the parents who have children at the church scouts,cubs and beavers. He is looking at other ways of getting his name out there. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored him, I know times are tough but its a good local cause that will serve lots of kids. If you are able to sponsor him please check out the following link -Kilimanjaro
Thank You.


Jen said...

Ooh they're gorgeous! Clever lady :) Hope the bug was just a 24hr thing xx

Brodders said...

They are scrumptious Lizzy x

TraceyT said...

Oh lizzy they are just gorgeous x

Lousette said...

Oooh yummy - those are fab. Wish I knew how to do that.

Jenn Jilks said...

Lovely beads! I have a bad cold, good to hunker down. Take care, caring for a mom isn't easy.