Sunday, March 13, 2011

Made something half reasonable!

I have spent sometime this weekend  bead making, Its a real learning curve trying to work out how the glass reacts to the heat and to other glass. I think I have just about mastered the basic donut shapped and round bead, so the next thing is to experiment above are my first attempts at making a cup cake bead. I have the basic idea but the execution needs refining!! Next time I will try a different technique and see if I can make the bead more ballanced.
I am pleased with this little lady, again I need to refine the choice of glass and frit but again its a start and hopefully I can only get better.  I think next time I may well start with an opaque bead underneath and see if I can encase it in a clear glass. Thats another art I am yet to master.

Last night we had a great night out with Raymonde and Colin, we went to a quiz night where we amazed ourselves and came joint second out of 15 tables. We may even have won if we had read the question catagories, because then we would have seen that there was a round on Fruit and Veg which without a doubt Raymondes specialist subject. Anyway when that round arrived we were handed plates and boxes containing all sorts of fruit and veg to identify. Raymonde did a fantastic job and identied every single one of them (we should have saved our joker!!) Anyway Beth decided to play a trick on her, while all the produce was being handed around she made up one of her own by taking some lettuce from the buffet and putting it on a plate taht she numbered herself. She handed that to Raymonde and she identified it, the only thing was it wasn't on the list that we had to choose from. Raymonde was very enthusiastic and just didn';t hear me telling her it was a joke!!!eventually she realised, so we handed it on to the next table for them to identify!!
It kept us laughing for the rest of the evening (hysterically!!!)

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Raymonde said...

I am still laughing with it now! hahahaha!

I so enjoyed spending time with you. Can I book next year lol. xxx