Saturday, March 05, 2011

My First Beads from Home that actually look half reasonable!!!

I like pink and I was very pleased with this pair above, they are 'similar' in size, not too wonky and a nice colour. I encased most of bead in clear glass, but missed a bit near to the hole. I definitely feel encouraged that I have made something half decent!!!

These two beads were also successful (in my book) I made the beads then  messed around putting on dots and the likes. Once I had finished with the dots I poked them around a bit with a metal poker and made swirly patterns.

This bunch are all odd sizes and all an experiment for me! The pink one at the front was cream glass with pink dots I then poked the middle of the spots and covered the hole with clear pinky glass. I need to perfect that technique as I like the effect!. The blue and white bead is made using a murini chip on the base of royal blue. The third bead is a black base with orange opal frit, its all a bit dark, but I am proud of the shape.
The last bead is a spotty job but I am still trying to perfect doing dots. Its a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy I either over head the bead or over heat the stringer which results in very big or stupidly small blobs (not spots which are round!!!) I am enjoying having a go and I will perfect it!!!

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Sue said...

Wow !!! I am very impressed , didnt realize you were doing this :)