Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back to work ;(

Well there goes another Christmas holiday, all my plans of having a nice break with a bit of time to do some glassy stuff has passed me by in a whirl of hospital visits, shopping trips and housework. We had some good times, visits from and to friends and getting Dad out of hospital were the high points, spending Boxing day in A and E was a low point, I am hoping that one isn't turning into a Christmas tradition!!!!

Yesterday I finally got to play with my glass and make some beads so that made up part way for all the messing about. I needed a bead rest for my kiln, but they are all so expensive, so a trip to B and Q and a spend of £1.98 has given me enough wire to make two rests, I now need to try it out and see if its man enough for the job. So far it has potential and works with cold mandrels and beads. I have checked out the melting point of the metal and the kiln stays 100 degrees below that, so fingers crossed!!!

So as they say on Blue Peter - Here's some I made earlier!!
I seem to be able to get a better shape now so that's encouraging.
I know I am going to tempt fate here, but my propane canister has been used for around 9 months now and is still going strong, I have made hundreds and hundreds of beads, that part of the kit is extremely good value!!
Back into the fray.. have a good week.

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Debbielou said...

Patent the rest and make your first million !! xx