Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

This weekend it has been action stations, trying to get Laura's new flat into some sort of condition to move into. We got together a band of people to help us and we went in and started on the place. Every room needed painting. The painting was yellow from previous smokers. It took an age to scrub everything off. The windows, the walls, the ceilings, everything was covered in it. The decorating left a lot to be desired, the living room was fuchsia pink with green ceilings, The kitchen was bright yellow with grungy off white ceiling. The bathroom was OK, all white. The bedroom was also a mess of bright pinks and smokey paintwork.

Anyway with the help of Emma, Dan and Bobbie, along with Beth, Tom, Laura and I we have made a really good start on the place. The living room now how one feature wall in chocolate chip and three walls in cream. The gloss work has been done. The bedroom is now deep aubergine and pale lilac, the bathroom is aubergine and beige and the kitchen has been started, a nice clean white. 

All the decorating has been hampered by a lack of water and heat, the gas and water have been capped off, so we had to manage with bottles of water and buckets. Its been really hard work but it looks so much better now. Laura now has a few things to finish, but more pressing is the need for her to pack up the old flat. We are waiting for a delivery of boxes from the removal people. There is still a lot to do. I'll be glad when she is in and its behind us all!!

Mum is still in hospital, not really sure what is going on. She is much more lucid, with not so many periods of strange sayings!!! She has been out of bed but only to sit in her chair. She is starting to read her book again and can now send text messages. So they are positive signs. I really don't know what the plan of action is though!! Hope she is home soon.

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Anonymous said...

Liz, its looks like you have been very busy. Are you and Deb's moving in now you are students aƄ the UH to add a touch of glass. Great to hear your mum is making good progress. Rod