Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The end results

Last week I attended my very first kiln formed glass session. I made 5 coasters by way of experiment and I went back last night to see the results. Well it was a mixed bunch but on balance I am happy with them for a first go!!

The one on the left above originally started out as an experiment, copper oxide for bubbles plus I made some small copper coils. I squashed them down and spread them through out the tile. Unfortunately once it started to heat the coils all decided to get together in the middle and form an unsightly clump. So that was a fail!! I need to stick them down with a dab of glue in the future. 

The one above right had the same oxide powder with tiny snips of copper wire, which has gone red. Over all its as I expected except its much duller and not very interesting. 

The one above left is the one I like best in all its wonkiness ! The frit has melted towards one side and it looks a bit lop sided but its mine and I like it!!!! The one on the right has oxide, orange enamel and more copper wire, It looks better in the flesh so to speak. The last coaster was a heart, but although it made it out of the process, it wasn't so lucky making it home :(

Prize of the night went to Debs tile titled 'Bubonic Plague - a culture' This is a great tile with black frit in the middle, it looks just like a disease culture, a real talking point with your cup of coffee!!!

This week inspiration abandoned me. I went in thinking I would produce something stunning, anything really, but it didn't translate into a design, so I spent a lot of time messing around and trying to make up my mind what to do. Next week I am going to go prepared and ready to get on with something so I don't waste my time. In the end I settled on another coaster and a whopping great big platter. Can't wait to see how that turns out!!! Below are the 'befores'

The one above is 12 inches square and I am hoping it will slump into the curved platter below and make an attractive bowl - lets see how that turns out.

This one will hopefully turn into a shallow dish its balanced on the top of a shallow mould. Lets see what next week brings!

Mum is still in hospital she has been up and about and is mentally much better. We are not sure what is happening and when she is likely to be home. The physios have been getting her sorted so we hope things will be on the home run very soon.

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