Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Home Again.

Tonight I am pleased to report that Mum has arrived home. Just like all the small things in the NHS it was traumatic and long winded. The return to home process started yesterday. She was prepared for the off in the morning, bags packed dressed and sat in a chair waiting for 'transport' . There she sat all day, fretting and uncomfortable waiting for the trip home. Eventually they told her at 8pm that the transport department was closed and they simply hadn't turned up. So she had to stay for the night.
Today they asked for her to be ready for 9am, she was, by 2pm still no transport and I got a distressed call from Mum who had simply had enough. So I called PALS at the hospital and to my amazement they called me back and explained that someone would be there at 3.30pm and even more amazing they were!!! Mum is now home and in bed, she is very tired and very keen not to go back in The Lister ever again.

My all time favourite flowers are orange roses, all my family and friends know that so I was thrilled to receive this beautiful bunch of flowers from Laura as a thank you for helping around the move time.

Laura plans to take all the other helpers out for dinner once she is paid again!!!

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