Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday at Uni.

Last week I tried painting a design on a sheet of glass, and then sandwiching it between two pieces of glass. It was then fused. When it started out it was blue, green,brown and yellow, as you can see the brown turned into green and the yellow washed out. But I am still pleased with the result. I don't think that Wedgwood or Royal Doulton have anything to worry about!!!

I have decided to slump the flat circle of glass into a bowl. I have no idea how this will turn out. The instructor (I use that term very loosely, she hasn't done a lot of instructing so far!!!) 'thinks' the bowl may be a little too deep, so we'll have to see how that goes, fingers crossed.

My other experiment was to use all the ends of glass rods I had left over from bead making. It was a bit of a mixed result really. All the glassed used was of the same COE but for some reason it broke into two pieces. I think it might be to do with the firing process rather than the mismatching of glass. Anyway I managed to rescue the biggest part of it by trimming it and sanding the edges.  Today when photographing it I have noticed that there are some very small cracks so I don't think its long for this world!!!

Spurred on by the painting last week I actually went in with a plan of action. I found a pattern that I quite liked  and I copied a version of it in black ceramic paint. I think its quite striking, I ladled the paint on thickly in the hope that the colour will stick and stay strong and opaque. I then sprinkled pink Mica on the second circle of glass, flipped the first over and made a sandwich with it. In my head that will come out black with a sparkly pink background, lets see what happens in reality!!!

I started to run short of time so my second piece was still wet in this photo, I did the same as the circle one except this time I used sepia paint and red/green mica . The instructor came over and by way of encouragement said - 'such a lot of detailed work when we don't know if it'll work'!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence Mrs Instruction lady!!!  Onwards and Upwards!!!

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