Sunday, January 08, 2012

Time to Myself!!!

As part of Beth and Tom's Christmas present I bought them tickets to the FA Cup third round tie between Peterborough and Sunderland which is being played at Peterborough. Its not too far away, around an hours drive, so they went off this morning planning to grab a bite to eat before heading into the ground for a 3.30pm kick off. Beth has been very excited and has texted me on and off all day.

So they went into the ground, found their seats only to realise that they were slap bang in the middle of the Peterborough fans!!!! When I booked them on line they didn't question if we were home or away supporters. In the past when I have booked by phone they have always questioned home or away and I would have thought if it was specifically home fans they would have said. Anyway they were escorted out of the stand and found seats in the Sunderland stand!!!! Beth is not very happy with me!!!!!

I am still having trouble shaking this cold thing, I just feel wiped out with it, everything is too much effort really. I just feel like I am on the verge of a headache all the time perhaps I just need more alcohol :)

So this afternoon I have time to myself, I am watching the footy just in case that have been given front row seats and pop up on the screen. I am going to try and be more organised, so I have bought myself some slim box files to store bank statements, receipts etc, that way there may be more than half a chance of finding them again should I need them. Lets see how long that grand plan lasts!!

I did make a few more beads yesterday, its amazing where the time goes once you get into it.
I have started to number them so I know how I actually made the bead that way there is a chance I will be able to do it again one day!!!

I am quite pleased with these two although they need more practice, I feel I am making steady progress!!
Tomorrow I start my Uni course, I can't wait!!!!

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