Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Night - Glass experimentation night!!!!

Mondays seem to come around very quickly, already we have done three weeks on our course. Tonight the instructor arrived late as she had unfortunately had an accident in her car. She was distraught (as you might expect) but she wouldn't go home and leave us to it. Poor thing, cars a write off but she and her other half are OK thank goodness. 

So we eagerly looked on the shelves to see what had happened to last weeks efforts. I was quite pleased with mine its has turned out quite nice!!!

This is the big square that I made last week, its turned itself into a platter although the edges need finishing to make them smoother. We have yet to be let loose on the sanding/smoothing machine!! Its quite interesting close up and surprisingly heavy. The bowl I want to perfect is getting closer and closer!!

I really like the sparkly green nuggets and the pink back ground. 

I also made a little dish which also needs finishing but that was an interesting experiment I used off cuts of glass plus some mica powder for a bit of sparkle. 

Tonight as I said, got off to a bad start so we ended up not getting as much done as we had hoped. I was determined to arrived prepared with a plan in my head. I went one step further and printed out a pattern to copy. I had also managed to get some circles cut out at another glazier who turned out to be cheaper than the first one and was extremely easy on the eye as well. I was most impressed with his circle cutting techniques!!!
So tonight I painted a design on a circle of glass and hope to turn that int a bowl at some point once it has fused together. 

I painted with enamel and then scratched a design on the paint. I have no idea how that will turn out, not sure if it will fade or get brighter, we'll have to wait and see.

I also took in a box of ends of rods left over from my bead making. They are not compatible with float glass so I decided to pile them up and see what happens. I have tried to make a panel shape, but it it turns out a bit wonky we will head for the machines and smooth all the edges!!!

It'll be good to see what happens. The only thing that offends me is that glaring yellow rod half way op, how did I miss that??? I hope it melts down and hides itself!!!

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Debbielou said...

They look really lovely !! How come you haven't got any duff looking bacteria slide effect glass or sicky effect creations like me ?? xx