Friday, January 06, 2012

Rotten First week back.

It was bad enough to have to return to work after New Year, but I have come down with an awful, cold/sore throat/cough thing. The full works with headache and feeling shivery. So for the first time in a long time I have had to take a couple of days off sick. I would like to say I am feeling better but I'm not :( could be a long weekend in bed for me. 
My friend who we spent New Year with is also poorly, so she has been laid up in bed for a few days as well, shame we are not closer we could have kept each other entertained!! Get well soon Madeline.

On Monday I am starting a course at University, it only lasts 7 weeks but I fully expect to come out with a degree. I am going with my friend Debbie, we are doing 'kiln formed glass'. Unfortunately they sent us joining instructions rather late so we have had to look around for all the kit over the weekend. I have some of it but talk about last minute!! I am hoping that at the end of the course I will be able to make glass bowls and plates. I have ideas in my head but it never works out like that does it???

Earlier on in the week we were driving home when we were treated to this lovely sunset. I took this shot of a field near to the local Hospital (fitting when you consider the amount of time I seem to spend visiting the place)

It was very beautiful. The last few days have not been good weather wise, we lost the back gate and part of the fence, so Tom was out there sorting it out. He went to B and Q and got a great device, a concrete post repair kit. The concrete was in good order but the wood had rotted away (it had been there at least 25 years) so with this metal socket he just had to belt it into the ground which wasn't too difficult and then hammer the new post into the metal socket. So its all back up now with the help of some three inch nails and a bit of brute force!!! I hope that's the last of the wind for a while!.


Travis Erwin said...

Hope you feel better soon and can't wait to see life of you and Debbies artistry.

Jen said...

Sending you gentle healing vibes :) xxx And if you could send Tom round to sort my fence out, I'll be forever grateful lol.