Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Glass.

I have always wanted to say that I have been to Uni, last night I got my wish and I started on an evening course called 'Kiln formed Glass' ! I was soooooo excited to be trying out another form of glass work.
Debbie and I arrived early in completely the wrong place and eventually found where we needed to go. Our tutor was waiting for us in the Art and Design Faculty (get me all technical and trendy!!)
We had bought along a small amount of supplies and a huge amount of enthusiasm !!

Once we had been shown the ropes we were set off on our own to have a go. We both decided that a set of coasters was the first thing to attempt. So we carefully put our newly learned cutting techniques to the test to cut out 1 square foot of float glass into 9 nearly equal smaller squares!

We then washed them, and set about decorating the bottom layer with an assortment of things. 

This first one shows off my imperfect cutting a treat. I sprinkled the green stuff on which is an oxide which causes bubbles, followed by some small snips of recycled copper wire, finished with a light dusting of something orange!! The theory after this is that we leave the coasters there and collect them next lesson.

So these are not exactly a matching set, as I have tried a differ thing on each one. We were advised to photograph them in case someone tries to lay claim to our masterpieces once they are out of the kiln. 
Fingers crossed they make it through the process! Can't wait to see what happens to them. 

I have quite a lot of rod ends left from bead making so I am hoping to be able to make them into something useful. My grand idea is to make a large glass bowl, I can see it in my head, funny how that never comes true!!

Mum is not doing too well at the moment, she is in a lot of pain again and is not able to get about, it seems that she may have adjusted her drugs herself as she was feeling better, she is now regretting that and is getting herself back on track with them. I hope she feels better soon.

Laura has accepted the tenancy on a new flat, the council have cleaned it up and although it needs repainting it is looking much much better than it did before. I can now see that potential that Laura had spotted previously so she has 10 days to get in there and try and get as much decorating as possible done before actually moving. Its quite exciting!!!

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Raymonde said...

I am looking forward to seeing the finished glass matts. You clever, creative lady!
Hope both your mum and dad have a bit of good health for a while.

Take care. xxx