Monday, May 22, 2006

Grrrrrr- 02

Well here we are again at 02 upgrade time and every year after I upgrade I swear I will never do it again. They are so hard to deal with. First of all they upgrade my phone, then once I have my hands on it, it doesn't work. So after lots of calls I finally get them to say that its becasue I'm on the wrong tarrif. They change the tarrif (free of charge) but it still does work. So the next call results in a brand new G3 enabled sim card. Put this in the phone and get that activated. Still no service on the brand new fabby doo dah i mode.
Call them back now it seems I have to wait until the 28th of May for the new tarrif to take affect for the thing to work.
Give me strength.
In the mean time Carls mobile is recalled as it has a tendency to set fire to itself.They sent us a new one that didn't work, so we sent it back they have received it and have assured us that a new one has been despatched, it hasn't arrived. Phoned again and the man is very vague, said it had been sent but was in a place no one could get at it . What the hell does that mean ??? Anyway he has ordered another one, which no doubt will arrive on wednesday morning after Carl has left for his trip to France.

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