Friday, May 05, 2006

Today was a much needed day off of work. The only trouble is that is wizzes by in a flash and I really don't have too much to show for it. Looking back though I have done a lot. Weeks shopping before 9am, sneaky visit to the cake shop for elevensies. Then around to mum and dads to fill in the millionth form this week, loaded dad and zimmer and wheelchair into the car. Strapped mother into the front, checked for the disabled parking permit and we were off.

Arrived in St Albans a short while later, to try and find a parking space where we could unload the boot and get the wheelchair close enough for dad to get into it. I had no idea how difficult it is to get around with a wheelchair. There are a lot of very nice people out there, but an awful lot of inconsiderate idiots. For the first time I have had first hand experience of just how invisible people in wheelchairs are !! Seems if you are in a wheelchair you obviously are unable to speak up for yourself. We have decided to be more assertive and make people see how talking to the pusher as if the seated person is not there is simply not on.

The lady in The Portland was very nice and I left dad to deal with her himself and she was helpful and polite and she SPOKE directly to him. That was good.

On the way back we stopped off for lunch a a local pub. We had noticed that they had wheelchair ramp and advertised as wheelchair accessible. So we got ourselves set up, pushed him up the ramp , through the door to be confronted with a 6 inch step !!! It was then a case of lugging him up the step. Its so bizarre, as they also have a fully equipt disabled loo. We made them aware of the gaff. On the way out I had to bump dad down the step and ended up bouncing his foot off the floor. I felt awful as he shouted out. Bloody inconsiderate pub !

When I got home I decided to have a go at taking photos with my macro button. The picture above is a study of my pegs !! The macro button is great if you stand back, and then zoom in, it throws the background out of focus. I love that effect.

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Jen said...

OO er missus - you's a dab hand with the macro button! Very interesting little experiment that, going around with a wheelchair. I'm sure my eyes would be opened by it. Hope dad is ok (ouch poor foot). Love St Albans :) You know what? We should meet up there some day!!!