Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Like Buses.........

Well last week DH Tom was offer the chance to take early retirement, a years pay and his pension lump sum. This has turned out to be more thn we can refuse, so he has applied to take it. Since thinking about it he has been looking around for another job, because we will only benefit if he has another job that will pay the mortgage.
So he has applied for two, been offered one and now the second has clled him in for an interview!! Fantastic news, may well end up with a choice of jobs, what a good position to be in.

Today i took Laura and Scott out for lunch and we struck a deal. Laura needs a full time job to get them off the bread line but doesn't seem to be able to getherself in gear to get one. So I make her bring her passport along and I asked her to go into Reed employment in Welwyn and sign on . They supply temps for Police HQ which would be great experience for her.I got chatting to the lady and told her that I worked there as part fo HR and that I knew there would be other jobs coming up. She seemed very keen and we made an appointment for Laura to go in to be tested on Thursday morning.

I told Laura that were would be going to Florida next year and that we would love them to join us, I said we would help out with the cost as long as she found herself a full time job. We went and got some brochures and she seems very enthusiastic, long may this last. I am going to continue to push her until she gets herself out of the doldrums and back into the real world !!

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Jen said...

Good for you Lyzzy! And great news for your DH. Fingers crossed, eh? Thank you for your kind comments - you are a sweetie :wub: