Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Missed a few days !

We have had a few busy days. Work has not been too bad, Steph and I have managed to sort out a load of paperwork in the office and we have finally got on top of things. - well at least for today, I expect we will be snowed under again soon.

Yesterday Beth played her first official Netball match for Hatfield, Of course it tipped it down and Tom and I got soaked. She didn't seem to care and was happy to play. She ended up as goalkeeper for the first two quarters but by the end she had managed to get her preferred place of goal defence back. They won 6-3.

Today I had both the kids booked into the dentist, which is 8 minutes away from home, The appointment was at 4.10pm. Carls gets home USUALLY at 3.40pm, today the bus was late and he arrived home at 4.10pm so it was a mad dash over to the dentist, we all arrived flustered and cursing at the bus. Carls teeth are perfect, still not a single filling and he is 15 !! Beth also was ok, with a soft spot on one of her baby teeth, so hopefully that will drop out soon.

I have spent all day trying to spot Keiths Wedding which we have been told was taking place today at the Little White Chapel on the strip in Las Vegas. There is supposed to live Webcam, but all I have seen so far is a couple from new Jersey and a couple from Scotland. The weddings look a bit sad , all isolated and alone. They are very production line and the longest one lasted 11 minutes !! Still it is certainly different and not the way I would want to do things !

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