Thursday, May 11, 2006

You know how we like to moan........

Well the weather here is a nuisance, Monday it was chucking it down, the back garden was awash with water and it was laying in huge deep puddles. It was on with the wet weather gear and off to work.
By Tuesday it was boiling hot and we were all dripping wet with sweat. Today is more of the same. I have finished work for the week and want to do some scrapping but can't be bothered.

This afternoon we had a meeting with some people who were having shift problems, we looked at what they had to offer made suggestions and agreed to another meeting, all while sitting outside in the boiling sun. After the meeting had finished we spoke to the person who asked us to help to ask why we could not find her on our list of paying members? She said becasue she left last year!!! We were so shocked that we couldn't say anything, we had wasted an afternoon helping a non member when we have a million legitimate people to see.

Note to self - check the paying members list before helping in the future.

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