Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This morning I got up twice , once at 5am and once at 7.30am and I really don't do mornings!!
Carl went off on his trip to France , Belgium and Germany with the school. I was lucky because my friend Tanya has a girl in the same year so she called around and took Carl in He was pleased because he didn't want to be seen in my van, which is a massive embarrassment to him. So in the end all I had to do was make sure he had all he needed with him.
I have heard from him twice, once to say he was just getting onto the coach and one to say they had just arrived in France. I hope he has a good time and takes lots of pictures !

Beth played netball last night and it wa a shambles. Three of the mothers took it upon themselves to swap the teams around because Julie was late getting there, so Beth got swapped off of the team she had been on the week before and the net result was both teams were weakened . They both lost and there were more than a few disgruntled parents there.

The end of a perfect evening came when Beth had her fingers bent back , which is painful and today they are a little swollen and still tender. She really didn't want to play on the team she was on as none of the girls make any effort to speak to her, she goes over to speak to them and they run off! The good thing is she is playing up a year so next year she can move down and lose them all !

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Jen said...

OMG deja vue or what! I got my fingers bent back playing rounders when I was her age.... and I visited France, Belgium and the trenches when I was Carl's age. Spooky!