Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hes back, we're off !!

Keith Nicky and Elvis in Las Vegas!! Carl and his chums on their school trip!!

Carl got back from his trip yesterday and said he had a great time, he said it was very emotional all the graves and trenches. He said the weather had been bad and the guides had told them that this was how the soldiers would have been, wet, cold and very miserable. Some of the soldiers that died were the same age as Carl and that was very emotional for him and some of the others.

Today we have been busy getting ready for our holiday and for my brothers wedding reception which is this evening. We have decided to go straight on to Whitby after the reception so its been a real pain getting ourselves sorted out. the weather has been appauling, Carl took the dog fro a walk and is now filthy as is the dog. After a good rub down she has gone around mum and dads to settle in for the night.

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