Sunday, May 07, 2006

Well I am still fiddling around with my macro button. This is a piccie of Beth using the said button!!

I am pleased with it and I like the unusual angle, I have all month to perfect it so I am going to keep trying.

Yesterday was the first day since we have had the trampoline that NOBODY has used it!! It has taken a couple of weeks, but the real reason was the awful weather. Everyone was busy in the morning and by lunch time it was chucking it down, to the rest of the day was a write off. This morning there is another pool of water on it. The annoying thing is that the cover collects the water and by the time you have managed to get it off of the trampoline, its covered in water again.

I was also able to spend a bit of time completing The Scrap pads Effing Dare. This is the result, a complete departure for me. Once I get used to ging with the flow, I think I might even enjoy it !! Roll on next week for another go !


Clare said...

loving these macro shots. Liz, i think you mean effing not effer ;-)

lyzzydee said...

Whoops I have amended it !!