Thursday, May 04, 2006

This is my layout for Kirstys challenge, somehow I have been missed off her list , so I guess I will not be in the competition :0(

Don't know what happened to the entry, perhaps I misunderstood the rules and posted it in the scrappad instead of on UKS.

Oh well !!!

Not to worry.

Anyway what do you think of it now that I have posted it on my blog ?? Its all me, no fiddling with photoshop or anything ;0)


Clare said...

did you tell kirsty you had uploaded it hun? and - what happened to your slide????

lyzzydee said...

I told her on her blog, but its really not a problem!!
Perhaps there was a technical hitch with the slide cos it seems ok now!!

Kirsty said...

i did see it babes - i just didnt add your name and im so sorry. ill add it tonight.

I thinks it fabbo and im truly truly sorry. yeeeeks, forgive me. I saw EVERYONES - i just didnt have time to trwal through the list and add it as things got hectic xx