Thursday, May 04, 2006

Well this has been one of those weeks, I have been chasing my tail and getting absolutely no where fast. Work wise we have been a day short becasue of the bank holiday but this is not an advantage, all it has done is confuse me.
I was preoccupied at the beginning with a discipline case at work that I was defending. The hearing was yesterday and quite late in the day. It was hard to try and defend someone who had in my opinion probally carried out the 'things' he was accused of. Anyway in the end he was found guilty and dismissed. I felt sad for him, but what else can you say ? I didn't do the deed, and it was a hard one to defend.

Today was one of those be in a million different places at once sort of day. Carl had parents evening at school and did not want to arrive in my van, so after a lot of swapping around I drove Tom's car to work. Once I got there I realised that I had left my swipe card in the van and had to do the whole trip again. Never really caught up for the rest of the day then.

On the plus side the reports from the teachers at school were all good, with some of them very good. Carl is on target to get some good GCSE results, just has to put a bit of work in now.

Thank goodness I am off work tomorrow I may well get a bit of scrapping done, I am going to try and take some photos for the the scrap pad challenge, just don't know what to photograph yet !!

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