Friday, June 04, 2010

Ahhhh Friday........

Considering this has been a four day week Friday has been a long time arriving!! Work is stupid busy and I don't know if I am coming or going. (going mainly as we move office again next Tuesday!) Home is still in uproar, we have 'stuff' everywhere due to the wall moving exercise planned for next Tuesday.
Carl has gutted his room all that's left is his bed, we need to take that down and then we will be clear. Beth needs to get her side sorted out, we will give her a hand to move things to the other side of the room. By next Friday we should be finished with just the painting and decorating to do, oh and the new flooring.
Yesterday was Toms birthday so we went out for dinner, his choice so we ended up in the local Indian. Had a very nice dinner, we are not very adventurous, we all had Korma's!!!
Beth is into her final week of rehearsals for her play, she is really enjoying it. They are now finally able to get on stage and practice so it feels as if they are almost there!!

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Karen Lange said...

Happy weekend to you:)g