Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bargain Time.

Yesterday Beth and I took a trip to Dunelm Mills in Stevenage, it was packed and we had trouble finding a parking space. I am glad we eventually did because there were loads of bargains!!
I had planned on replacing my table cloth, I like the oil cloth that they do in there (PVC backed with cotton) So that was the reason for going. I did get some more oil cloth, this time in a lovely coffee coloured and cream spot, which is already protecting my table!!
Once we got there it was obvious that they were having a sale there were loads of things that I could have bought . One of the bargains of the day were the DCWV 12 inch pads which were half price at £7 a pad. There were lots of different ones but I bought Linen Closet and Nana's Kitchen, both have loads of designs I can see me using.
Beth is quite crafty and has been after a sewing machine for a while, (I can remember wanting one when I was a kid!) so we were amazed to find that they had 4 different types starting at £9.99. We eventually decided to buy one reduced from £44 to £32 which does straight stitch and 7 different zig zag stitches. I am amazed as it is a study little thing and stitches perfectly. She has already got to grips with it, raided my material cupboard and made a whacky doll. Today while I am at work she is planning on patchwork.
Dunelm also had bargain Candles and those giant sized 'sucky' bags where you load up the clothes and then suck the air out. I thought they might be useful while the wall is in progress for storing clothes.
Have a great week, off to work now!!

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Jen said...

Scrummy papers! Claire got me a sewing machine for my birthday and I'm breaking it out at last later today! I'm sitting here at the neuro rehab place waiting for my ride. The psychologist is really good and we have interesting talks although I'm finding it hard to formulate abstract ideas...