Friday, June 25, 2010

Twenty Seven Years!!

I can hardly believe that today is our twenty seventh Wedding anniversary, time has flown, in fact time has flown since our Silver Wedding anniversary two years ago. That is a sure sign that I am getting older! I can still clearly remember the day in question, it was boiling hot and sunny. The church was a breath of fresh air as it was so cool inside. It was amazing that we managed to actually have the wedding. My sister Val was in hospital until the morning, struggling with her diabetes. I had hurt my back and was strapped up and on Valium (so perhaps the marriage was not legal as I wasn't mentally functioning??)My back was so bad that we were unable to kneel and the priest put chairs in front of the alter for us to use. Dad had an infection in his foot and was only able to keep his 'posh' shoes on for the church, in the photos he is wearing brown sandals with his dark suit!!!! Still all of that added to the day, making it one that is still very clear in my head.
Today is a regular working day and we don't have any plans to do do anything special this year, although we might treat ourselves to a chandelier for our bedroom, how is that for wild???


Almost Normal said...

I just tried to call you. I had NO idea! How come no-body told me?!!

kazher said...

no swinging on the chandelier please..!!
Happy Anniversary to you both..XX

Jen said...

LOL @ kazher... Congratulations darling - gosh I'd forgotten that you also married in 83. Despite all those mishaps on the day your marriage has lasted (unlike mine) and long may it continue.

suebaru said...

Wow, the last two years have gone quick!! Congratulations!