Monday, June 07, 2010

Here comes summer!!

It has been a nice 'summery' weekend. Beth and I went to our first Summer Fete in Ware. We had a go a all the usual Tombolas, lucky dips and the likes. We are now the owners of a fizzy bath bomb, very nice but we don't have a bath!! We have some Banana shower gel and a useful bottle of orange squash. We also treated ourselves to some beautiful home made cakes.

On Sunday we had some work to do at home in preparation for the demolition of the wall this week, by the afternoon it was very hot so we decided to go to the School Pool and have a dip. It was the first swim of the season opened just for the Lifeguards and those people who helped prepare it for action.

I took these photos in the grounds of the school. Since Beth left as a pupil they have started a beautiful garden for the children to become involved with. One patch has been left for wild flowers. I love Poppies and there was a whole patch of them, mixed in were cornflowers, Daisy's and some very pretty yellow flowers, I don't know what they are!
The weather has turned and I think we are in for some rain and storms!!

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kazher said...

love love LOVE the poppy pictures..