Sunday, June 20, 2010

Final Night - Inherit The Wind!

Last night was the final performance of Inherit The Wind, it was my first chance to see the play and although I am possibly biased as Beth had a role, I really thought it was fantastic. The performers had put so much time and energy into the play and the result was spectacular! The set was stunning, its a small stage that has depth rather than width and the set and stage managers made full use if it. It was a large cast of 38 actors and they all gave their all.

Beth was one of the towns people, one of the crowd. The play is set in 1925 in America so they were all dressed accordingly  along with modern day flat school shoes!! Beth is in the blue dress on the right.
This shot is the grand Finale, there were songs through the production and they all joined together to really raise the roof.
I managed to sneak a shot of Beth after the show, it was the last production in a run of nine shows, I was honoured that she let me take the photo as they were all clamouring to get to the after show party !
Its been a big commitment for all of us as there has been months of practices as well as the shows all that needed lifts backwards and forwards to the theatre. Now its time for a break before she decides what to audition for next!!!


Raymonde said...

Well done Beth!

Were allowed to take pictures in the theatre?

Jen said...

She looks so grown up! Well done Beth :) Sorry you've had a mishap since :( Get well soon.