Monday, June 14, 2010

Bournemouth here I come!

Today I am heading off to Bournemouth. UNISON National Conference is being held there so I am going to represent our Branch along with a colleague, Mark. We have hopefully booked into a nice hotel (last time we were in Bournemouth, it was OK but not too brilliant!!)The sad thing is that this time I have to travel on my own, so I'll just have to pace myself.
Yesterday Carl got stuck into his new bedroom, he has decided on two walls white and two walls green. The green is really quite bright but now its up I like it. Once that is finished we can get a carpet down and start putting things like his bed back in,once that has been sorted we can start to get the rest of the stuff back in there. The only spanner in the works is that he goes away on holiday on Tuesday so its going to largely be on hold for a week.
Beth's room is also finished so If Tom gets time he will try and paint that this week and start to get some of her stuff back in the right places. Beth has also helped out, she has painted her shelves white, which took her far longer than expected and she got bored wit that a long time before she finished, but she has laboured on and finished one of them. She did the painting in the garden and we were having dinner when our resident pigeon family decided to all sit on the top shelf!! Luckily the paint had dried by then!
I am going to try and check in during the week I am worried that some low life might try and do it again!!!


Barrie said...

Have a good trip! And may your hotel room be delightful!

Raymonde said...

Have a fantastic time. xxx