Sunday, June 27, 2010

If that was the weekend, I've had it!!!

Why is it that the weekend goes so fast???
This past weekend got off to a bad start, I felt so stressed out with the week I had had at work that I was really looking forward to some time off, just a couple of days to get my head sorted and to chill. Beth had her final youth performance at the Barn, we were enjoying a cold drink when we got a call, Beth had fallen over and hurt her wrist, the lady did not think it was serious they packed it in ice and called us. I just knew as soon as I saw her that it wasn't a  simple sprain, she was distressed and grey looking. I tried to calm her but she was getting herself in a state, she was in pain and although she could move her fingers her thumb was agony and she had pins and needles in her hand.
We decided to take her to hospital, arriving at 9.02pm, I know it was that time as the children's A and E closed at 9pm, the receptionist told me so.  We had a decision to make, have her seen at the QE2 and if she needed treatment take her to the Lister in Stevenage where we would go to the bottom of the pile and have to start queuing again. So we headed off for the Lister. She was seen and given pain killers, eventually she had X rays and saw another Doctor who said she had a fracture and that we would need to go back to the QE2 on Saturday morning for further checks. She was fitted with a a heavy duty splint and we were allowed to go. It was 1.15am. Not a good start to the weekend!!!
On Saturday morning I took her back to QE2 and they carried out further check and Xrays they said that she has fractured her Scaphoid bone in her hand and they referred us to the fracture clinic on Tuesday morning for the consultant to decide if she needs a cast. I have everything crossed that she doesn't, having the splint on is immobilising her hand and prevents her using it too much. So its goodbye to anymore County Discus for a while.
The rest of Saturday seemed to fly and Sunday gave us the chance to go shopping and finally get rid of the bags of waste plaster board, which now has to be taken to a specialist recycling dump. Its getting harder and harder to throw anything away, every visit to the dump is like an episode of the Krypton Factor trying to find where stuff should go. It might even be easier to go to work this week rather than taking a variety of people to different hospital appointments!! Poor Tom the taxi driver.

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