Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pretty Kitty!

Well it seems that since I have been battling Blogger and the hackers that things have changed and now I can finally post again everything is different. A new way of uploading photographs, a new font, a new layout. I will have to learn my way around it!! Yesterday I called around to see Mum and Dad. Their neighbour Karen was there with her new addition to the family, Cocoa!!

Cocoa is a tiny chocolate and white coloured kitten. She has the most gorgeous coloured coat . On the brown part the very ends of the fur is tipped with cream giving her a really unusual look.

As you can see she also has the most beautiful chocolate coloured eyes. ( I am positively gushing and I am not really a cat lover!!) I think if she had been mine I would have called her Galaxy!!

Cocoa fits right in with Karen's two other cats, Fudge and Muffin.
This week I have a few days away in Bournemouth at National Conference. I still have not done a single thing in preparation. I will have to get my finger out today or I'll be flapping in the morning.
The building work is just about finished the walls have been plastered and the skirting boards will go on in the morning. I am totally fascinated by the plastered walls, they are shiny smooth, I can't stop touching them, what a skill to have!! Once the skirting boards go on we can start the painting and start getting things slowly back into the rooms. For the past week we have been sleeping with a mattress propped up against our wall in our bedroom and piles of 'stuff' everywhere. It will be great to get it all put away.
Fingers crossed my site stays hack free!!

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Almost Normal said...

What a cutie!!