Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blog Problems.

Last week Raymonde alerted me to a potential problem with my blog, it seems that my visitors were getting a red warning message advising them that there was a possible infection on my site and that I might have been hacked. This was a first for me and initially I couldn't find out what the issue was as it was still correctly displaying on my own computer. I was not getting any warnings.
Eventually I worked my way through the considerable help pages on Google and I managed to scan my site with a couple of different programs. These programs eventually identified a 'bad string' of code in the HTML of the blog. They identified it and told me what it was, but not where it was. It then took me a couple of hours to track it down, I eventually found it in one of the elements I was using on my page. It seems that the infection had come from that site.
Once I had eliminated that I had to reapply to Google to lift the ban on the site. On rechecking they have told me that they have lifted the ban and the site is now clear. The problem is that I thought I had enough protection as I have paid for anti virus software that covers my blog. I have had to change all my passwords and remove some blog elements. Beyond that its back to finger crossing and hoping it doesn't happen again!


Almost Normal said...

It seems to be working now :)

kazher said...

never had a problem viewing your blog Lyzzy

Jen said...

Glad it's all sorted although I hadn't seen anything myself!! Damn viruses :(

trinketz said...

seems ok for me, nightmare eh !