Friday, July 02, 2010

Back to The 70's!!

Last night I had the chance to relive my teenage years with a visit to Wembley Arena to see some of the stars of the 70's. My teenage heart throbs, Bay City Rollers  were performing with Leo Sayer, David Essex and my all time faves The Osmonds!!
We left home at 5pm for the drive to Wembley, I went with my friend 'Karen over the road' we picked up three more friends and did battle with the London traffic. We arrived in plenty of time. It was so hot and muggy that it was a relief to get inside into the decidedly cool arena where the air conditioning was at full blast. Mind you as most of the audience were middle aged hormonal women, I could see the temperature rising before the night was out!
The show opened with the fantastic Bay City Rollers, needless to say they looked nothing like the photo above, which was taken in their hay day, there was still a lot of tartan around both on them and in the audience, but like us they were considerably older. They still put on a great show belting out their old classics like Bye Bye baby and Shang a lang (they don't write them like that anymore!!!)
Next up was Leo Sayer, I was never a fan in the 70's and he has not got any better as he has got older, he screeched out a few of his songs and to be honest I was glad to hear the back of him!!

Next up David Essex, a man who I have seen perform a fair few times over the years, but not as many times as Karen over the road!!! He can still belt out a tune or two, and he seems to have improved with age. He treated us all to his hits from the 70's, Rock On!!

Finally we had The Osmonds, The lovely lovely Osmonds. Sadly minus Donny who was in Las Vegas, but the rest of them put on a fantastic show . By the end of the evening we were all hot, the atmosphere was electric and I was a little concerned by the number of stewards who kept walking by carrying mop and buckets, could it be that the excitement was too much for middle age bladders?? Who knows.
It was a fantastic evening, can't wait to do it again!!


Raymonde said...

Middle aged bladders? Never, what are those!!! lol

So glad you had a good time. I have a story of going in a record shop and asking to buy a David Essex vinyl in a French accent a forever time ago. Did not do that again!!!

Jaqi said...

Glad you had a good time , I saw this show the first time around with David Cassidy it was great show then I expect its just got better with time .

StarladyJulie said...

Hi Lyzzy, Thanks for your lovely blog about Once In A Lifetime. I have been to all the previous ones but couldn't make it to any this time round. I have followed David Essex for nearly 39 years and still get around to see him regularly a dozen times a year on average! Have you seen his wonderful musical, All The Fun Of The Fair yet? It toured the UK for 18 months (I saw it 10 times heheh) a couple of years ago and it's now in London's West End at the Garrick Theatre. I am off down to see it on Monday for the 8th time since it opened in April. I even went to see it last Saturday when David was doing OIAL in Liverpool just to support David's understudy, who is a lovely fella! I don't have a blog on here but I am on Facebook and also run a DE website fan club on there called the David Essex Girls Club with hundreds of members from 21 countries and 6 of the 7 continents! Look me up on F/book, my name is Julie Waller of which there are a few but my pic is the only Julie Waller pictured standing next to David Essex! Hope to be your Facebook friend soon.
Love ..... Julie xxx

lyzzydee said...

Thank you ladies, it was a wonderful night. Julie, I wonder if you know my friend Karen who regularly goes to David concerts with her equally dedicated mate Lynn??