Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Mum.

On the 21st of July it was Mums 75th Birthday. It had been a pretty eventful week which started last weekend with her not feeling well and ending up in hospital all day on the Sunday with an overnight stay while they tried to work out what had happened. She was convinced that she would be sending another birthday in hospital, but we managed to get her released in time!!
We are hoping that she is on the road to recovery but she is finding things hard going and has been under the weather and miserable all week. I hope the tablets kick in soon and she starts to pick up.
We took the birthday cake around and rather than put on 75 candles and cause a melt down I was inventive and put seven single candles and a number 5 off of my 50th birthday cake!!!
Well school is out for the summer which is good as it means that life can slow down a bit particularly for Beth and Tom. Beth has fallen on her feet and has picked up a load more shifts at school life guarding. One of the other guards has decided that he doesn't want to do it anymore so she has taken up a lot of his shifts. So she will be rich by the end of the summer and it teaches her responsibility. She is going to save her money and over a few years hopes to save up enough to learn to drive and buy a car. (a good few years away but great ambition!!)
Carl  has been really busy preparing for Scout and Cub camp. For the first time he has organised everything and its been a huge feat of endurance!! There has been loads to do. They decided on an army theme so we have been making laminated dog tags and various other associated 'stuff' for the past couple of weeks. I just hope that the weather holds and that their food all arrives (delivered by Tesco direct to the campsite!!!)
I am looking forward to a nice relaxing afternoon with our friends Deb and Malc. I am hoping for a 'horn off' with Malc!!!!


Valerie said...

Happy Birthday to Lyzzy's Mum, glad you were home to enjoy it sweetheart xxx

Maureen said...

love the celebratory pic! Your mum looks happy!!