Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My Garden

This year we have carried out a few jobs around the house and garden, we have replanted some of the grass, which was doing quite nicely until the unexpected hot dry spell that we are going through, stopped the grass growing and turned it a lovely shade of brown. I think its dead and if it doesn't recover we will have to reseed it again in the autumn.
Last year we planted some new clematis plants and they are now blooming, these beautiful purple flowers have done particularly well there are 32 buds still waiting to come out!
I am not sure what this one is, its pretty and it attracts bees and butterflies, its tall and moves gracefully in the breeze. Does anyone have any idea what it is??
This little flower is pretty but not head turning, its strength lies in its heavenly scent which wafts around in the warm evening air, its called Nicociana or scented tobacco plant.
This is my favourite rose plant, a hybrid tea rose called Oranges and Lemons, it doesn't have any scent but its absolutely stunning to look at. Its a shame that it flowers so little, I look after it, feed it and still it remains spindly. I enjoy it while its there.
I love lavender, I now have several bushes in the garden. I love the scent and the way it carries in the air. This particular bush is very lush and seems to get bushier the more that you pick the flowers.

Finally my only edible plant this year, a hanging basket full of mini tumbling tomatoes. I love tomatoes and you can't beat the flavour of a home grown freshly picked, warm from the sun tomato. I still have a while to wait for these to be ready for eating, but they will be lovely!

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