Sunday, July 11, 2010

Its Sooooooo hot!!!!

There are lots of ways of keeping your cool and a nice icy dessert is one of them!! This week has been super hot with most days being in excess of 26C. It has made work a real slog and to be honest everything else a slog as well!
On Tuesday evening we went out for our girls night out, we ended up at the crooked chimney and for some reason it was packed. We ordered our meal and sat down to chat, we didn't mind waiting as we had plenty to chat about! However we were some what surprised when our main course arrived as we hadn't had our starters. The waitress was very apologetic and I think that was the reason we were served these huge puddings!! Eton Mess is a concoction of cream, strawberries and meringue, this version also had some strawberry mousse in it, it was lovely but too much, none of us could finish it.
Some good came of the night, we finally decided to book our weekend away in December, we are heading back to Ypres in Belgium. We made a quick visit last year but this time we are staying there so we will be able to look around the shops (for Sandra) and look at doing a battlefields tour (for the rest of us!!)
Yesterday was the school fete.It was boiling hot and as always the most popular stall is the 'soak a teacher'
I think Beth must have spent most of her money on there. This year she was handicapped with her splint, but she used her left hand and was just as deadly! In the end she bought a bucket full and chose her target, I love this action shot!!!
This week at school it was Beth's sports day, she was pretty fed up because she wasn't able to join in, she couldn't throw as she is right handed and she couldn't run in case she slipped and landed on her hand so she was stuck with watching. Sports day is an inter form event and last year her form had come 2nd. They really wanted to win this year but it was very tight on the points. Beth finally persuaded her teacher to allow her to throw the discus with her left hand, that way the class would get a point for having someone enter. Her first two shots were very short, it was difficult swapping hands. The third shot however was a good one, she threw 12m 60 cms, (her right hand distance is 19m) This distance was enough to win the competition and for her to be awarded 3 points. We found out yesterday from her teacher that the class won the sports day by - just 3 points!!!They were very pleased that she had entered.

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