Friday, July 30, 2010

Hanging Basket Extras!

Dad always makes the most fantastic hanging baskets, we have never let him forget the year that he 'supplied' cannabis plants to the whole of the neighbourhood. (He had put the baskets outside to harden off directly underneath a bird feeder, seems there were cannabis seeds in the feeder, the rest is history) We thought that was the end of exotic plants, the last few years have been a lot less exciting or illegal!!
We have two baskets by our front door, both are looking good. Both looked as if they just had your standard flowers in them, that was until the one in the above picture decided to swing around a bit in the breeze and reveal its secret.
It seems that this year dad is branching out into vegetable hanging baskets, we have a fine specimen of a potato plant hiding in the background!!! I have no idea how that has happened and on speaking to dad, neither has he!!
This afternoon I am waiting on the return of my son and heir, he has been camping with the scouts. I am expecting a whole load of muddy dirty washing plus tents and bedding all smelling of wood smoke and grass. I can't wait!!!


Jenn Jilks said...


We have bought a new house, with a tree frog living in the hanging basket! Can't wait. Sept. 15th...

We stayed with the kids while house hunting and my daughter let me do laundry there, we were 12 days in motels.....

Lucy said...

Check out the spuds!!! I reckon he put it there to get you guessing...whatever next year...a money tree??

L x