Monday, July 26, 2010

Two not so Little girls!!

Beth and Megan have known each other forever and although they sometimes blow hot and cold they do get on and when they are together manage to talk non stop for hours on end. They are both quite keen on being photographed so its nice for me to still have some willing models. They are a month apart age wise with Megan being the eldest. In these photos Megan was showing off her smart new hairstyle!
When I look at these photos it takes me back to a time when I was their age, playing with my friend Madeline, no trampolines back then, but we did go for picnics in the hay barn and play on the hay bales!!


Sue said...

Fab times!

karen-over-the-road said...

smashing pictures Liz..
I think the girls have a great friendship - even if they dont see each other for a while, as soon as they are together they fit right back together again - a true friendship that I hope will last a lifetime :o)