Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday morning.

Yesterday afternoon was a welcome relief from all the ongoing hassles in my life at the moment. We went to see Debbie and Malcolm and were surprised to fin that the time just flew by, good company, good food and the next thing you know its 10.30pm !!
We had our horn off and I am pleased to report that my horn is bigger than 'his' horn, although we were all out horned by Georgie (aka Lisa Simpson) who has a saxophone which completely drowned out our horns. Tom received a belated birthday present of a beer mug with a built in horn!!! Seems a shame that we won't be able to take our horns on holiday with us! We have however devised a bit of fun for Florida, but I will not reveal our plans until I have completely sorted out all the elements!!
Carl and the cubs and scouts have arrived at camp, and I am pleased to say that Tescos have delivered the food , which was a bit of a worry as non delivery would have been a disaster!!
Today Beth has a friend for a sleepover, so best I get sorting myself out!!!

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Debbielou said...

Georgie is trying to work out how to get her horn through customs !
We had a great time - lovely to see you all again xx