Friday, July 09, 2010

Perfect Peonies!

Mum and Dad bought me some beautiful flowers, peonies are one of those flowers that takes me back to my childhood. At our old house Dad always grew bushes of deep red peonies. They were stunning but the slightest breeze or rain fall would cause all the petals to fall. I had forgotten about that memory until I received these flowers.
They look like roses, I like the way they look so frilly!
We have been enjoying some wonderful weather, the flowers look fantastic against the bright blue sky.
This year I have been enjoying my garden, I have even planed a couple of extra perennial plants, I think they will add that little bit of extra interest when the bloom next year.

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Raymonde said...

It seems like ages I stopped and browsed.

First of all well done Beth for the Blue Peter badge.

The cards are amazing Liz. What a great day you have, I know the thing about toilets, Chantal is actually the expert at checking them out!!!

The flowers in your garden are absolutely beautiful. And I love peonies. I was given a peony tree this year by a friend, I am looking forward to seeing it in bloom next year.

Keep well my friend. Love. xxx

PS: word verification:bumsorth, not in my case I use Puppy on a Roll! lol