Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Don't you just LOVE summer???

Summer for me is usually all about rain and dodging the rain, this year however we finally have a summer, we finally have had a spell of dry and very hot weather. Its glorious I just wish I didn't have to work.
This year for the first time we have tried out these little bushy sunflowers, we have grown them in pots and they have been fantastic.They really add a splash of colour at ground level!! I hope to be able to collect some see for next year.
Dads hanging baskets this year are packed with begonias the colours are stunning. The strange thing is he had a mixed bunch of tubers but we have managed to end up with mostly red and he has mainly got all the yellow ones!!
Lobelia the beautiful blue plant, seems to attract a load of insects, mainly bees!
Lillies in a neighbours garden.
Finally TOMATOES!!! My favourite all time fruit/vegetable. I can't live without Tomatoes. It is the food of the Gods!! Although these are in dads green house, I have got the drop on him, mine growing in a basket outside are already red!!!

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