Sunday, November 11, 2007

Catching up with Emilys art Challenge.

I have been away for two weeks and last week I was so jet lagged I couldn't have done anything !! So here are the three missing cards, just in time for the new challenge issued tonight!!
The first one is if you had a magic carpet where would it take you? Well I would love to go back to America, only just home, but I love it there, everything is so cheap there are so many craft shops that its like heaven on earth! Hot weather (not all over) Nice cars, HUGE houses, cheap restaurants, the whole place is bliss !!
The next one is thankful week, well I am always thankful when Friday arrives, although at the moment my weekends are far more stressful than my weeks, I feel in control of my weekdays!!
The third one is Home, I decided that these are some of the things that mean home to me. Even after a bad few days it usually means calm, fun, peace, its a creative place and a place I love to be (most of the time!!!)
Roll on tonight for the next card.

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Lis said...

All 3 cards are fantastic!!